Do Dogs Have Souls Like Humans? – “Yes or No”

Being known as a beloved friends to people, dogs have qualities humans might not possess. Since they truly connect with us, we might wonder: Does a dog have a soul? Where do they go when they die?

This article will dive into how dogs are seen throughout different cultures, both spiritual and scientific, to shed light on these queries. 

Do Dogs Have Souls? 

Yes, dogs do have souls. Its name already presents the essence of this animal. According to Latin, the word “animal” means “soul”, a spiritual part contained in the body.

Therefore, dogs can share their thoughts and feelings with their owners in a variety of special ways, such as using their eyes, waving tails, barking, etc. They also appear in our dreams with their lovely and distinctive nature.

Because of that, many people, including theologians, animal trainers, psychologists, dog owners,…, have studied and considered the spirituality of these animals for years. 

Although their methods might differ, they all conclude one common point: the dogs’ nature is their caring and curing soul.

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Dogs can share feelings with people (Source: Google)

How Do You Know If Dogs Have Souls?

Dogs Are Honored As A Spiritual Symbol Since Ancient History

In several prehistoric places, people considered dogs to be holy beings and revered them by holding sacred rituals. After their beloved pets’ death, the owners buried them in the pet cemeteries and performed rituals, hoping for the fur souls’ salvation.

If their dogs were alive, the ancient Egyptians would decorate the dogs’ collars with stones and jewels. In case the dogs die, they would mummify the dog’s body, believing that their pet dog could join their humans’ afterlife.

Dogs also play a holy role as being the judges, deciding who has the qualities to pass the Bridge between this life and the next. In addition, they are sacred escorts guiding the dead’s souls to the afterlife.

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Ancient Egyptian Dog Statue (Source: Google)

The Scientific Study About Souls Related To Dogs

Philosophers acknowledge that there are two separate entities in a living being: the body and the soul. However, when quantifying the soul, they suggest that the animal’s soul is below that of humans due to their limitation of reasoning.

In his seminar on “Dog”, the psychologist, Carl Jung, proposes that humans and dogs are harmonious units in both conscious and unconscious areas. Regarding souls, the unconsciousness is so intertwined that a miracle could happen.

This suggestion implies that the idea of our dogs’ souls gives us hope to overcome the pain of their death. If we think our fur friends have souls, perhaps it can make us feel better when we lose them.

Nevertheless, spiritual wisdom tells us it is not that simple. Beyond that, a dog’s soul plays a wondrous role in the entire human experience that cannot be quantified by using normal measures. 

Personal Experience Of Dogs Communicators

Dogs are our teachers, friends, guides, and even martyrs. Hence, dog communicators have many experiences making them believe dogs have souls.

One of the pet parents says that her dog has suffered from bone cancer and has done anything to make her dog comfortable. However, she is not ready to let her fur sister go.

In the night’s dream, the owner sees her dog cross a rainbow bridge before her dog passes away. The dog’s eyes are closed when she wakes up, and she falls asleep forever. 

Remember the previous dream; the owner feels comforted and happy for her pet. She realized that is how the dog says goodbye to her before transitioning to a new life.

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Dog appears in the owner’s dream (Source: Google)

What Happens To A Dog’s Soul After Death?

After death, the dogs’ bodies will remain here, on Earth. They might be under the ground if we bury them or in a small but elegant urn if we cremate their bodies.

However, since they have souls, where do they go after they die? There are many assumptions about this problem, but in many cultures, people believe their dogs will go to heaven as they have perfect characteristics that God will safeguard.

This thought might please many dog owners. Nevertheless, is it true? Does heaven exist? If heaven is real, can dogs enter it? Do we think heaven is a good place for the human soul but is it the case with dogs? There are still many other questions we cannot answer.

Whether dogs go to heaven or not, if we think dogs are still alive, they are alive. They live in this moment. They exist here and now in our life, although they passed away. 

Dogs’ souls are around, and they are enjoying the beauty of life with us despite the transparent hurdles.

does a dog have a soul

What happens after dogs pass away? (Source: Google)


From the scientific, spiritual, and personal looks, dogs do have souls. Hence, the answer to the question “Do dogs have souls?” is Yes.

Since one soul can reach the others, no matter what body the soul is in, dogs can share their thoughts with human beings. If you have one, take care of him or her with all your heart. One day we will meet them again.

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