Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds? An Ultimate Explanation

Dogs are similar to humans, and many foods they cannot eat are allergenic. In reality, many unexpected occasions happen when dogs accidentally eat something poisonous for them. The symptoms can be dangerous or normal, but to some extent, they are dangerous. 

Usually, you may wonder, “Can dogs eat Poppy Seeds?” but you have not yet had the answer. Don’t worry. This article is the answer. Keep reading and collect some tips when any accidents happen!

Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. you should not allow your dogs to eat any Poppy Seeds. If a dog is exposed to Poppy Seeds in plants that produce opium, it will suffer from Poppy Seeds poisoning.

Moreover, if you give your dog some Poppy Seeds, they may experience an upset stomach but might also have other side effects like trembling and pinpoint pupils.

If your dog ingests a large number of Poppy Seeds, it can result in significant neurological damage. If you suspect your canine has eaten a large quantity of these seeds, call the ASPCA or your vet immediately.

Reasons for Poppy Seeds Are Not Good For Dogs?

Poppies are made up of two alkaloids: morphine and codeine. If your dog ingests too much, it could hurt its nervous system.

Although there are not too many, two of them on Poppy Seeds, they can still endanger dogs. Therefore, you should not feed your dog any food containing these seeds. 

Moreover, different breeds of dogs react differently to ingredients found in certain foods, and each dog has a different tolerance level. Thus, it is likely that your dog will be hurt by a smaller amount of seeds than others. 

What Happens When Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds?

It would be best to be careful with this food because even though your dog only ingests very little Poppy Seeds, it can be poisoned. 

They should be fine if your dog accidentally ate Poppy Seeds-containing bread. But larger dogs may have a reaction, and smaller dogs may not notice the difference, so it is recommended to keep a close eye on them in case of an allergic reaction.

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And obviously, it may be extremely dangerous in case your dog accidentally eats too many Poppy Seeds or some food containing a lot of this ingredient. If your dog vomits, it might feel fine the next day. It is best to be still cautious to ensure that there isn’t anything else wrong with them.

However, it would be best if you immediately call your vet. You should also always keep an eye on your best friend to deeply know its symptoms and avoid every unexpected occasion.

What Symptoms Can Your Dog Have?

The entire poppy plant listed by the Pet Poison Helpline includes the seeds, as toxic to dogs. Poppy plants, including their seeds, can be poisonous to your dog.

Dogs may have different reactions to the same toxin. A small amount of a certain toxin could have a bigger reaction for one breed than it would for another, so you should always watch out for any changes in behavior. Dogs can have different symptoms so some dogs may become excited or even sedate.

What Should We Do If Dogs Accidentally Eat Poppy Seeds?

People always say that “prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, first of all, take measures to prevent your dog from getting into products containing Poppy Seeds. Put them away from your dog or in high places that won’t be accessible to him. 

Secondly, keep watching for signs of poppy poisoning when giving your dog food. If any suspicious symptoms are happening, you should immediately call your vet. 

In case you know that the food your dog has just consumed contains Poppy Seeds, pay extra attention to what happens. When you notice symptoms, take them immediately to the vet or call for help. Mistaking an allergen isn’t something to let slip by. Keep an eye out for the signs of a reaction, like a difficulty breathing or an itchy rash.


The answer to the question “Can dogs eat Poppy Seeds?” is no. When they do, they are consuming opiates that are dangerous to their health. Opiates can cause serious health problems and death in some cases.

Poppy poisoning signs and symptoms include tingling in the tongue or fingers, stomach ulcers, vomiting, narrowing of the pupils, sluggishness, or apathy. Get medical help if you notice any of these symptoms.

If you need any other information about this topic, don’t hesitate to contact us via hotline or email. We’re always willing to help you!

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