Can Dogs Eat French Toast? The Health Risks

Most owners know how excited dogs are when they see bread like French toast. Your pet won’t let you rest until he has some bread that you’re eating. Dogs love to taste what humans eat. 

But can dogs eat french toast? If they eat bread, are there any side effects? Or what are the health benefits a dog can get from bread? Let’s find out together.

Can Dogs Eat French Toast?

The answer is no. French toast is unhealthy for your dogs. Fatty human foods like French toast and hot bread can also cause health effects like pancreatitis in the long run. 

The pets that accidentally ingest French toast will likely be fine or may suffer temporary digestive problems such as diarrhea.

In addition, some pets have a wheat allergy or grain sensitivity and thrive on a grain-free diet. If they have any unusual symptoms, talk to your veterinarian about whether they may have a food allergy or intolerance.

Can Dogs Eat French Toast
The Scrumptious French Toast

The Dangers Of Eating French Toast For Dogs

The Merck Veterinary Manual lists bread flour in French toast as a potential hazard. Once your dogs eat bread dough, the yeast continues to cause the dough to rise, displacing the stomach and releasing toxic amounts of ethanol into the bloodstream. 

The increased pressure of the dough can continue to cause swelling, but the real danger is from poisoning from the flour fermenting into alcohol.

Here are some health problems of yeast poisoning from this product:


French toast is a high-energy product; if given, it is needed in small quantities. The most important thing is to always control the number of carbohydrates in the diet, especially in sedentary pets, as this causes many obesity and concomitant diseases of the joints and heart. 

Here it is necessary to take into account pedigree features. For example, Pug and French Bulldogs tend to gain weight since these breeds are contraindicated.

Gastrointestinal Disease

If bread begins to boil up within your pet, it also can induce bloating, which can cause internal organs to twist or cause death.

Digestion of bread is accompanied by the additional energy expenditure of the body and increased load on the digestive and other organs. Bakery products, especially in excess, can cause frustration or constipation.


They are accompanied by swelling of the feet, redness of the ears, and combing hair on the skin. Also, allergies are often caused by baked products with raisins, sesame, and other additives. 


Bread contains sugar that often sticks to teeth and gums. These sugars can lead to tooth problems like cavities. Sugar attracts bacteria that cause tooth decay over time.

How Could Dogs Eat The Tasty French Toast?

Based on the above dangers, it can be concluded that French Toast can be given to the dog, but certain rules must be followed:

Do Not Give Toasts Every Day

It’s best not to give your dog too much, just a few pieces for fun. They are prone to gas and stomach pain if they eat too much bread. It is not good for your physical health and your wallet because going to the doctor and treating your pet costs a lot. 

More importantly, the removal of bread from the diet is also necessary for aged animals. 

Use Them Only As A Reward If The Pet Has A Weakness For Bakery Products.

We recommend a bland meal of cooked rice with chicken for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Learn all about some dog meals for delicate stomachs.

Toasts add calories to a dog’s eating policy. If the pet is overweight, keep an eye on and change its eating habits, and devise a strategy to keep it healthy, fun, and active.

Furthermore, this product has a high glycemic index. Because it contains many calories, only tiny portions of bread must be provided to the pet at one time to prevent obesity-related disorders like diabetes.

A Grain Bread Is The Better Alternative

What Are Other Options?

Currently, there are many recipes for making bread with different ingredients. On the shelves in stores, there are many baking options. Some of them are suitable for dogs.

In the diet, you can use rye crackers or whole-grain bread. Easily digestible stale bread from pets. The diet can also have biscuits, but you need to use them in small quantities.

You can use toast, but not very fried, and don’t use different doughs and sauces. Using vegetables, you can please your pet with homemade rice or oatmeal cakes; the dough should be kneaded in water.


Can dogs eat french toast? Every  ​​owner is familiar with this question. In the kitchen, the hostess, the dog with the mischievous eyes, begs for a delicious treat from the table, and, of course, many people feel sorry for the pet, which does not seem to eat, and a piece of french toast. 

But rarely does anyone think about whether or not it is possible to give bread to a dog and what effect it has on the pet’s health. Our article has analyzed this clearly, so we hope the pet will always have good health and great playtime with the owner.

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