Can Dogs Eat Canned Chicken? A Thorough Explanation

A dog’s diet can be varied and is more economical with canned foods. For picky eaters or pets with illnesses, they are a fantastic alternative. 

When looking through canned food, most supermarkets and pet shops sell processed meals like turkey, beef, fish, etc. However, many are unsure, “can dogs eat canned chicken?”. Continue reading to know the answer!

Can Dogs Eat Canned Chicken?

Yes. Chicken is a common ingredient in dog food recipes and is a protein source for dogs. Therefore, owners draw an accurate conclusion: chicken in cans is healthy. Compared with dry kibbles, canned chicken provides more protein and fewer carbs. Additionally, they are free of artificial preservatives and colors.

Can Dogs Eat Canned Chicken

You can give canned chicken to your dog, but you shouldn’t do this regularly. Although dogs enjoy eating chicken alone, canned chicken has an enormous salt content. Your puppy’s digestive system may suffer if they consume too much sodium, which can make them thirsty. 

Thus, the processed chicken should be run through a sieve with water to remove excess salt before giving it to your dog. Also, watch your dog when including new foods because abrupt dietary changes might cause an upset stomach and digestive problems.

How Much Chicken in a Can Can Your Dog Eat?

Note that moderation is vital when adding canned food to your dog’s diet. Begin by including limited quantities, then gradually increase them. What else your pet can process from kibble or other meals determines the amount of canned chicken to put into its diet.

It’s also necessary to watch out to avoid feeding your pet more than 10% of its daily caloric intake.

A tip for you is to combine the cooked rice and the chicken in a can. For little puppies, 1/4 a cup should be given; 1/2 cup for medium-sized pets, and 1 cup for big ones. You can give them an extra 1/4, 1/2, or 1 cup if they finish the meal and show signs of hunger. The canned chicken’s size is an approximation.

Is Chicken in a Can Nutritious?

Yes! A fantastic substitute is a meat in cans, particularly canned chicken. It offers the same nutrition as a chicken that hasn’t been processed, but without the bother. In addition to being a great source of protein, chicken in cans also contains minerals and vitamins like Zinc, which supports a strong immune system and boosts healing.

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What Other Processed Meats Are Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Various cans of meat are suitable for dogs and have a high amount of protein with low carbs if you cannot find canned chicken.

Canned Tuna

High protein and a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids can be found in tuna or fish in cans. Preparing the food by thoroughly draining and rinsing the excess sodium is crucial, just like canned chicken.

Canned Turkey 

Another excellent food dog alternative is turkey; just remember to clean and drain it beforehand. A portion of a tasty yet high-protein meal can be provided to dogs by adding a few pieces of bland, unseasoned turkey to their bowl.

Canned Beef 

Beef is another well-known high-quality protein option for puppies. It appears in numerous commercial dog diets. The beef meal is a great option for puppies that enjoy the flavor of beef or those with chicken or poultry allergies.

It’s crucial to understand that manufacturers can utilize a range of various cuts when producing dog foods using beef as an ingredient. From a nutritional perspective, most of these cuts are comparable, although prices differ greatly.

Canned Salmon

Why not? Canned salmon contains a crucial element that beef and chicken don’t, even though it doesn’t appear as appetizing on paper.

Salmon is an amazing source of Omega-3 despite having a small protein and a high-fat content. These fatty acids are beneficial for your dog’s brain, coat, joints, and everything else. Omega-3 fatty acids are also essential for preventing inflammation.

Canned Lamb

Another excellent food option for puppies is canned lamb. It is frequently used for dogs with dietary allergies, although not as popular as processed beef,  chicken, or turkey. Lamb is more watery than beef or chicken, so you’ll need more of it to get the same protein amount.


Now, you must have known, “can dogs eat canned chicken?”. Although putting canned chicken in your dog’s meal is a good idea, remember to check your dog attentively and introduce it gradually. Check the contents of the food you are currently giving your pet before introducing canned meats.

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